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Chesil Radio Individual Challenge – 14th April 2018 – Arlington Stadium (Eastbourne)

Chesil Radio Individual Challenge – 14th April 2018 – Arlington Stadium (Eastbourne)

The rescheduled Chesil Radio Individual Challenge kicked off the Weymouth Wildcats season. The meeting was supposed to be over the Easter period and was an opportunity for the lads to ride their new home track.

The line up changed slightly from the Easter date, as Connor Fletcher who was unavailable then replaced Mick Sutton (aka Mr Reliable), who was not available for the rescheduled date and this meant the whole Wildcat team would be together. Additionally the Wildcat’s were joined by Andrew Palmer and James Spencer who completed the line-up.

The riders were:

1. Bailey Fellows

2. Jacob Fellows

3. Jordan Bull (Captain of the Wildcats)

4. Connor Fletcher

5. Luke Barnes

6. Andrew Palmer

7. James Spencer

8. James Jessop

After the National League meeting they kicked off with Heat 1. Jordan had commented that he had hoped they would give the track a soak in between as it would suited him better.

Heat 1

Unfortunately Connor took an early tumble but was back up on his bike relatively quickly and completed the Heat. Bailey had bike problems which meant he was unable to race.

Jordan Bull – 1st

Jacob Fellows – 2nd

Connor Fletcher – 3rd

Bailey Fellows – Did Not Ride

Winning Time For Jordan: 76.5

Heat 2

It was Luke’s turn to take a tumble, but also got back up on his bike quickly to still take 3rd place.

Andrew Palmer – 1st

James Spencer – 2nd

Luke Barnes – 3rd

James Jessop – 4th

Winning Time For Andrew: 70.2

Heat 3

It was a night for bike troubles for the Fellows cousins. Jacob had a few at the starting line but soon got into the race.

James Spencer – 1st

James Jessop – 2nd

Jacob Fellows – 3rd

Bailey Fellows – Did Not Ride

Winning time for James: 74.1

Heat 4

Luke sadly hit the air fence and was excluded from the heat and caused some considerable damage to his bike, which unfortunately ended the meeting for him. He was up and about after a few minutes of medical assistance.

On the re-run:

Andrew Palmer – 1st

Jordan Bull – 2nd

Connor Fletcher – 3rd

Luke Barnes – Excluded

Winning time for Andrew: 72.1

Heat 5

Relatively uneventful apart from yet another win from Andrew Palmer that sealed his victory of the meeting, although Connor did keep close behind Andrew to seal 2nd.

Andrew Palmer – 1st

Connor Fletcher – 2nd

Jacob Fellows – 3rd

James Jessop – 4th

Winning time for Andrew: 70.5

Heat 6

Final chance for Jordan to pick up the points and Luke Barnes was unable to take part. So the three fought it out. Unfortunately Jordan was clearly having bike problems in this heat.

James Spencer – 1st

Bailey Fellows – 2nd

Jordan Bull – 3rd

Luke Barnes – Did Not Ride

Winning time for James: 74.1

Overall Points

WINNER: Andrew Palmer – 3,3,3 - 9

2ND: James Spencer – 2,3,3 - 8

3rd: Jordan Bull – 3,2,1 – 6

4th: Jacob Fellows – 2,1,1 – 4

5th: Connor Fletcher – Fall, 1,2 – 3

Joint 6th: James Jessop – 0,2,0 – 2 Bailey Fellows – N, N,2 – 2

8th: Luke Barnes – 1, Fallen & Excluded, N – 1


The meeting was a good experience for the Wildcats to bond and gain track time, although it was a disappointment not to see a Wildcat win, captain Jordan Bull showed his new leadership with a very respectable 3rd place to show the boys how it’s done. Onwards to the first meeting of the SDL against the Isle Of Wight in their debut to the league.


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