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Wildcats Held In First Encounter

Updated: May 11, 2019

The Wildcats were held at adopted home of Wimborne Road against Milton Keynes Knights 18-18 in front of a large crowd from the previous meeting.

Jacob Clouting led heat one, but after two laps of a misfiring bike, he came to to a stop leaving MK going from 3-3 to a 1-5 with the nervous Sam Peters trailing at the back. Next heat had misfortune when George Beall fell but remounted but was unable to catch Cesca before the end of the 4 laps.

The next heat was won from the gate, Sam having bike trouble in heat 3.

A 4-2 from James Laker and Peters closed the one time gap to level scores going into the last heat, heat advantage to either side would result in a meeting win.

The Wildcat pairing of Clouting and Cesca gated into a heat advantage, but with the ever closing MK rider James Spencer, Cesca overtaken with just over half a lap to go leaving the crowd thoroughly entertained in a 18-18 draw.

Weymouth Wildcats

Jacob Clouting e/f 3,3 6

Sam Peters 1,e/f 1 2

Cesca Kirtley-Paine 1,0,0 1

James Laker 3,3,3 9

Milton Keynes Knights

Luke Muff 3,2,2 7

Craig Osborne 2’,1’,0 3 +2

James Spencer 2,1’,1’ 4+2

George Beall 0,2,2 4

HT 1. Muff,Osborne,Peters clouting (e/f) 1-5

HT 2. Laker,Spencer,Kirtley-Paine,Beall 4-2 (5-7)

HT 3. Clouting,Beall,Osborne,Peters 3-3 (8-10)

HT 4. Laker,Muff,Spencer,Kirtley-Paine 3-3 (11-13)

HT 5. Laker, Beall,Peters, Osborne 4-2 (15-15)

HT 6. Clouting,Muff, Spencer, Kirtley-Paine 3-3 (18-18)


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